A local favorite since 2006

Smackys Heilman Family

Smacky's on Broadway, a quaint family-owned establishment tucked away in Spokane Valley, had been a local favorite since 2006. But when Matt Heilman took over in 2023, he had grand aspirations— and it wasn't just about the sandwiches at Smacky's on Broadway. Matt’s long career in Spokane’s food industry has shown him it takes more than great ingredients to make a great restaurant. He knows it is the people who make Smacky’s more than just a sandwich shop.

A Washington native, Matt's sandwich journey began long before he took the reins of Smacky's. He spent more than 22 years mastering his craft managing local Subway’s before opening his own pizzeria. After building and selling the pizzeria business, he is happy to be back working with his family and serving yours.

Matt's philosophy is simple:

"Treat every customer like family and craft their food with care and love."

And so, Smacky's on Broadway became more than just a sandwich shop—it became a home away from home, a place to share a meal with your family and friends, and where you will find some lip smackin’ good sandwiches.

As you step through the doors of Smacky's on Broadway, you're not just entering a sandwich shop; you're embarking on a journey—a journey of flavor, of passion, of dedication, and of pure sandwich bliss.

 So, heed the call, dear reader, and join us whether you're a local or a traveler passing through, prepare to indulge in the finest sandwiches ever created. Your taste buds, Matt, and the Smacky’s family will thank you.